This film is based on true events and has been a labor of love that the writers and producers believe will educate, inform and create awareness of the issues that inner city schools face daily.  The film was shot in Detroit, Michigan at the alma mater of both the Writer and Director and the entire cast and crew are native Detroiters.


Our team has fearlessly addressed gun violence, gender equality, mental health, sexual abuse and the plight of underserved communities.  We hope that you enjoy our film and thank you, in advance, for your consideration.


Nicci Gilbert-Daniels

Writer/Executive Producer

screening dates


Aug 22-26, 2018

Newark International

Film Fest

Sept 6-9, 2018

Capital City Black Film Festival, August 30 – September 2, in Austin, Texas




Social Conflict is the gripping tale of an urban high school in crisis located in Detroit, MI.  This story revolves around the social dynamics of many Americans and reflects the social climate in the world today.  In only 30 minutes, this film tackles issues such as mental health, sexuality, poverty, education, gun violence and abuse of power.  Social Conflict is a project that addresses our greatest fears and speaks truth to power.  Charmayne Davis is a top teacher at Cody High School and seems to be making her way to becoming one of the top administrators in the staff.  She has worked hard and has proven herself time and time again to be a power player amongst the educators.  The principal of the school, FITZGERALD PATTERSON, a Trump-lover and pro-weapon advocate, must stay on his toes because at his every turn Charmayne is there to challenge him and his every move and motive.  All is well until Charmayne’s son, fifteen-year-old, DEDRICK DAVIS, a student at the high school, walks into the school nearing the Summer break armed with a gun and shoots and kills the music teacher, TILISON BUTLER, causing an all-out city-wide panic.  Needless to the say, Dedrick is jailed and is awaiting his fate, while his mother, Charmayne, retreats into a shell of isolation and deep dark drug and alcohol filled depression that lasts the entire summer, neglecting her usual passionate educator duties in the process.  Charmayne allows her sister, RHONDA DAVIS, to visit her, and she is informed that the public school system has decided that teachers are now allowed to carry guns into the classrooms based on the shooting involving her son.  Rhonda also shares that teachers and parents have decided to protest and boycott this new ruling. Reluctantly, Charmayne snaps out of her malaise and decides to return to school, in spite of the obstacles, as her passion for teaching is sparked when she receives word that there are students who are returning and still want to learn.  Charmayne shows up to the school on the first day of the new semester met with angry protestors who do their best to prevent her from entering the school to teach.  She pushes past them and makes it into the school, where she is met by BARRON SMITH, the Head of Security at the school who welcomes her back amidst the storm and engages her in a healthy debate about the new law. Surprisingly, he is against the ruling, and she is for it.  But, before she can finish the dialogue a gun-toting Principal Fitzgerald steps into the moment and admonishes Barron for not being at his post and offers to escort Charmayne to her classroom.  Charmayne tries her best to push through her discomfort knowing the climate at the school and in the city itself, as well as push through the tension that is in the classroom.  She does a great job handling the students, but on her break she is met by ELVA BROWN, a teacher who is wrapping up her last day of employment as there are no more students at the school for her to teach.  Elva serves Charmayne some “tea” in the break room that sends her and the entire course of events spiraling into new and unexpected directions.  This information shatters everything Charmayne thought she knew about the school and everything she thought she knew about her son.



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